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Under the California Lemon Law, if your vehicle qualifies as a “lemon” you are entitled to  your choice of a new replacement vehicle or a cash refund of your purchase money.  If your vehicle was financed or leased, you are entitled to a refund of your initial down payment and reimbursement of all your monthly payments.  The manufacturer must also pay the balance owing on your loan or lease.


Additionally, you are also entitled to have the manufacturer pay 100 % of your attorney's fees.  Unlike many lemon law firms, this office does not require clients to pay  "extra" attorney’s fees, or a percentage of your recovery – WE DO NOT CHARGE THE CUSTOMARY 10 PERCENT AMOUNT  SOME LEMON LAW FIRMS REQUIRE AS ADDITIONAL FEES FOR THE ATTORNEY.


The Lemon Law was intended to place the burden of paying a consumer’s attorney’s fees  with the automobile manufacturers.  Our policy regarding attorney’s fees is consistent with the intent of the Lemon Law, and we are of the opinion that a consumer should not have to pay additional fees to us, because we receive our compensation directly from the manufacturer for our time in representing your Lemon Law case. 


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