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The Law Offices of Michael A. Saunders exclusively practices California Lemon Law.  As a result, our experience is highly targeted in this arena, and we are on top of up to the minute changes in the California Lemon Law.  Our firm has represented hundreds of consumers under the California Lemon Law.  Below you will find a few testimonials from some of our former Lemon Law Clients.

We offer FREE consultations to consumers experiencing serious defects with their lemon vehicles.  We will work diligently toward getting you a refund of your purchase price, or a brand new vehicle (your choice!). 

Under the California Lemon Law, the manufacturer must pay your attorney's fees upon a successful outcome.  We settle over 95% of our cases, most of which are resolved within 45-60 days!

Call our office for a FREE CONSULTATION with Michael A. Saunders,Esq. to learn whether your vehicle qualifies under the California Lemon Law.


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Mr. Saunders, I just want to thank you for all your help and assistance with my case.  Everything turned out perfect and I couldn't have asked for a better attorney to represent me.


Thanks again!


John V.




Dear Mr. Saunders,


I want to thank you for your help in my suit against Subaru.  I spent almost a year talking to many company staff people and dealers.  


Until I retained you to negotiate with the company, I was shuttled from person to person, and excuse to excuse, nobody would help. 


I appreciate the way you explained the legalities to me, and the directions you gave me to facilitate the process.  You dealt with me in an honest, professional way, and we won.


Thanks again, 

Bernice B. K., PhD    





Dear Mr. Saunders,


I returned the car to the dealership yesterday and received my check in the specified amount.  I would like to thank you for representing me and the expeditious handling of my case.  I was extremely impressed with your professionalism and was thoroughly satisfied with the service provided. 


Thank you. 


Have a blessed Christmas and a happy new year.


Karine P. 




Dear Michael,


It has been a pleasure doing business with you.  It seemed weird hiring an attorney without meeting fact to face.  I felt very comfortable talking with you.  I was very impressed with the way you returned calls so promptly.  That really helped ease the stress of the situation.  I hope not to need your service again but do wish our path cross again.  Thanks again for your time and service.  Have a great day.




Lynda W.





To whom it may concern:


Mike was both professional and effective in getting a positive result for my case.


Thank you,


John A.G.





Dear Michael:


Thank you so much for handling my.  You made it quite easy to deal with a very large and potentially threatening situation.  Thank you once again for your help.




Scott A. C. 






Thanks for the excellent service and support.  I will definitely recommend your service for someone who needs it.


Best regards,


Raja T. 




Dear Mr. Saunders,


Good day sir.  I am referring a good friend of mine to speak with you in the hopes you may give her some advice on what to do with her problematic new automobile.  After hearing her story, it immediately brought back memories to my trouble with my vehicle that you so eloquently helped me take care of with the manufacturer a few years back.  I let her know that I would pass your name along as you were someone that I could totally trust and would always recommend in a situation such as she is currently facing.


Best Regards,


Kevin E.