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The California lemon law can be very complex and daunting for consumers forced to deal with it.  Our practice focuses exclusively on the California lemon law, so our representation gives you access to the knowledge gained through our years of experience, as well as making you an educated consumer.  If you suspect you are driving a lemon, please call 1-888-805-3666 to speak directly with an attorney for a free consultation.  We will provide you with a free case evaluation to help you learn if your car may qualify as a lemon and, if it qualifies, how you can get rid of your lemon.  You may be entitled to a new car or a full refund at absolutely no cost to you. A lemon law refund includes a refund of the purchase price, and includes charges for transportation and manufacturer installed options.  A lemon law refund also includes the following:  dmv, license fees, sales tax, registration fees, finance (interest) charges, and reasonable repair, towing, and rental car costs incurred by the consumer during the time the lemon vehicle was in the shop for warranty repairs.  Call 888-80-LEMON now to see if you qualify for a lemon law refund.

You can count on the lemon law firm of Michael A. Saunders, Esq. when you need a lemon lawyer.

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   Is your new vehicle always in the shop?

   Frustrated with the dealership's repeated failure to repair your vehicle?

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The California Lemon Law Can Help You Win a "Buy Back" Without Paying Attorney's Fees!